The five departments promoted the construction of quality traceability systems for meat products, liquor and other enterprises; Chongqing launched a trial operation of a rice quality and safety traceability platform.

Five departments promote the construction of quality traceability systems for meat products, liquor and other enterprises

In order to promote digitalization and help the consumer goods industry to further implement the "three products" strategy, better meet and create consumer demand, enhance the role of consumption, and promote the consumer goods industry to accelerate to the middle and high end, the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Ministry of Commerce, the State Administration for Market Regulation, The State Drug Administration and the State Intellectual Property Office recently jointly issued the "Action Plan for the "Three Products" of the Consumer Goods Industry by Digitalization (2022-2025)" (hereinafter referred to as the "Action Plan"), which proposes to promote infant formula milk powder and meat products. , Baijiu and other enterprises to carry out the construction of quality traceability system.

The "Action Plan" requires that by 2025, the digital technology integration and application capabilities in the consumer goods industry will be significantly enhanced, and a number of new products, famous products, and high-quality products will be cultivated, and the variety leadership, quality competitiveness, and brand influence will continue to increase. Among them, the digital penetration rate of enterprise management, the penetration rate of enterprise digital R&D and design tools, and the proportion of enterprises applying e-commerce all exceed 80%; cultivate 200 intelligent manufacturing demonstration factories in industries such as textile and clothing, household appliances, food and medicine, and consumer electronics. Create 200 well-known brands with a scale of tens of billions; cultivate 50 digital service platforms, and promote 300 typical cases of application scenarios with strong demonstration and driving effects.

Among the three key tasks, the "Action Plan" proposes to strengthen the construction of the traceability system to help boost consumer confidence. For consumer goods industries such as food and medicine, accelerate the construction of a quality traceability system, and promote the realization of product source traceability, one code to the end, logistics tracking, responsibility identification, and credit evaluation. Encourage enterprises to use modern information technology to carry out digital traceability in raw material supply, product production, consumer marketing and other links, and realize industry monitoring and scheduling and consumer rights protection through efficient integration and use of quality traceability data.

The "Action Plan" proposes to promote the application of machine vision and other technologies and intelligent testing equipment in industries such as textiles, clothing, household appliances, furniture, home improvement materials, cleaning products, food, and medicine, so as to realize intelligent online monitoring, analysis and result judgment of product quality. Reduce the rate of defective products. At the same time, promote the construction of quality traceability systems for infant formula milk powder, meat products, liquor and other enterprises, promote the GS1 coding system, strengthen the digital traceability of raw materials, production, and marketing, strengthen the collaborative management and control of quality throughout the life cycle, provide information query services, and improve quality control. boost consumer confidence.