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Zhijiang Graphic Arts Award Bronze Award

The label of leopard seven cooked notoginseng powder is made of light silver aluminum foil with a grid bottom. This label is a new bottle label specially made for Yunnan Baiyao Traditional Chinese Medicine Resources Co., Ltd. In addition to the LOGO of Yunnan Baiyao Company itself, this time it has changed a lot The medicine label is based on the late design concept. The center of the label is a leopard hooked by an elliptical pattern, presenting a perfect three-dimensional sense of the object. The label is touched and has obvious embossed anti-counterfeiting. The partial laser gold stamping on the label has a diagonal bar that changes from thick to thin Stripes, which can better reflect the high-end quality visual innovation design effect; before the label of Leopard 737 superfine powder and cooked Sanqi powder in the market did not have a variable QR code, this time a variable traceable number is added to upgrade the label Enter the anti-counterfeiting system of the website. There is a full printable varnish on the surface of the bottle label, which can be used for coding and printing by customers, and is convenient for customers to use.


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