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Size: customized Use the backing paper: grazin paper Optional processes: film covering, bronzing, plastic surface printing, plastic surface degumming Product features: multi-layer lamination, page-turning reading, waterproof and oil-proof Application scenarios: daily chemicals, cosmetics, handicrafts, porcelain food, medicine, health care products, glass products


Personalized customized products


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Multi-layer label refers to the label with one or several layers (several folds) of ordinary paper or self-adhesive materials of the same size and shape on the face paper of the finished product label, which are superimposed by multiple layers, that is, the label part is composed of multiple layers of paper, which can generally be divided into two categories:
1. Class I is a multi-layer composite label, which is also a multi-layer superimposed label and a multi-layer page-turning label
2. In addition, there are multi-layer folding labels, including spring type, wave type, "accordion" type folding labels, and multi-layer instruction labels
3. Multi-layer label (also known as booklet label, multi-layer instruction label, multi-layer and multi-sided printing)
4. Features of the product: the first layer and the bottom layer are made of self-adhesive adhesive, and the middle layer is folded after printing on separate paper
5. Many procedures, high cost, suitable for mass customization by manufacturers

Hard to copy

Product digital "ID card" Can only be queried once

Easy to identify

Multi-channel anti-counterfeiting query does not require any professional anti-counterfeiting tools

One size

Assign one item, one code, variable data for each product without duplication

Triple Algorithm Coding Technology

CCN algorithm + database" double verification provides reliable protection

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