Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeiting Technology won the "World Label Award"

On the evening of September 29th, the World Label Awards Best of the Best awards ceremony was grandly held at the Brussels Exhibition Hall in the capital of Belgium. The event selected 5 individual awards from the 22 awards that won the World Label Awards in 2014. The anti-counterfeiting wine label of Guyue Longshan selected by Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. won the combined printing award. Another award-winning Chinese company is Shanghai Ping An Printing Co., Ltd., and its panda cigarette self-adhesive seal work won the letterpress award.


The picture shows Mr. Zhang Xianzang, Chairman of Haoge Company receiving the medal

The "World Label Award" is regarded as the "Oscar" award of the world's label industry technology. 22 individual awards, these 22 awards cover the main printing process and market of label products. The selection of the best and the best of the best this time can be called the "king of the king". From the 22 awards that won the 2014 World Label Awards last year, the "best of the best" selected flexo printing, letterpress printing, offset printing, combined printing, and digital printing. Waiting for five awards.

Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. was established in 2009. It is a high-tech printing enterprise integrating digital printing, letterpress printing, offset printing, flexo printing and silk screen printing. The Gu Yue Longshan anti-counterfeiting wine label selected this time combines letterpress, flexographic and digital printing, combined with anti-counterfeiting technology, and the process is complex. There is a fluorescent variable code on the front, and the bottom is uncovered, and the front and back are corresponding. Nano anti-counterfeiting particles are used on the product. This is a patented technology of Wenzhou Haoge, which is still blank in China.

It is reported that the 2014 World Label Awards review adopts new rules. After the review by the international judges at the 2014 Chicago Label Exhibition in the United States, the selection results were officially announced in April 2015. The review experts include Mike Buystedt (TLMI), Kurt Walker (FINAT ), Andrew Maxwell (LATMA), Tony Wheeler (SALMA), Teru Hama (JFLP) and Qiu Xiaohong, Secretary General of Label Printing Branch of China Printing Industry Association.

Judging from the competition situation for three consecutive years, the proportion of Chinese entries winning awards is lower than that of Japan, the United States and Europe. At present, my country's printed matter is close to the international level in terms of design and printing technology application, but it needs to work hard on the details to ensure that the printing stability of each work remains consistent.