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2018 Sun Cup Asian Label Contest, Intelligent Anti-counterfeiting Gold Award

The Cummins anti-counterfeiting certificate adopts a variety of anti-counterfeiting techniques, such as: it needs to be irradiated by fluorescent lamps to display fluorescent and guilloche shading, and the light-changing flower-shaped patterns show different colors due to different angles. On the English letters, the English letters disappear immediately, the local fixed point reads and decodes the sound, the 16-digit variable identification code decodes the anti-counterfeit QR code, the 4-digit variable anti-white anti-counterfeit code, and the 4-digit variable miniature anti-counterfeit code. The variable grating decoding is consistent with the anti-counterfeiting code, the 12-digit logistics code variable barcode, etc., and there are four small rounded corners and three W knife patterns on the label. The label cannot be reused after use, and the multi-layer anti-counterfeiting feature of the label has improved new data for the anti-counterfeiting industry.


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