The first "Haoge Cup" tug-of-war competition for the Dragon Boat Festival grandly kicked off

 In order to welcome the traditional festival of the Chinese nation - the Dragon Boat Festival, enrich the amateur cultural and sports life of employees, deepen understanding, enhance unity, and vigorously advocate the spirit of teamwork and hard work, Haoge Company held the first Dragon Boat Festival "Haoge" on June 1, 2014. Grid Cup" tug-of-war competition.

There are five participating teams in this competition, which are the five major workshops of the production department: die-cutting, post-processing team, glue-taping team, printing team, digital and silk-screen printing team, with 11 people in each team. The game adopts the best-of-three points system. When the whistle of the game sounded, the teams immediately entered the best game state. The contestants held the long rope tightly with both hands, and with the sound of "Come on", they pulled back with full force. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xia also led the cheerleading team to cheer for them. They really wanted to grab the rope and work hard with the employees! All of a sudden, the sound of chants and shouts came and went one after another in the factory area, and the scene was very lively!

  After hard work, the rubber team won the championship! Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xia awarded bonuses and certificates to the winning teams respectively. This tug-of-war competition is the first group activity independently organized by Haoge Company. It has achieved the purpose of the competition, such as activating the atmosphere, uniting people's hearts, uniting and assisting, and seeking progress together. : We must apply the spirit of the game to work, and cheer for Haoge to become a dynamic company full of positive energy, friendship, unity and vitality!