"Small body" gradually changing to "big man" and "small promotion" enterprises have become a new force in Cangnan's industry

Recently, an email from the UK made Xia Huangfang, the manager of Cangnan Haoge Anti-counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. very excited, "The other party is a big company and is very interested in the anti-counterfeiting labels we print. If this business is negotiated, it may be a good deal." Large orders of more than 5 million yuan." She said. Although "Haoge" is still a new "regular" enterprise in Cangnan County, Xia Huangfang said that the company's orders this year are very sufficient, and it has received 4 or 5 large orders of more than one million yuan.

Haoge Anti-Counterfeiting Technology Co., Ltd. is located in Xinya Industrial Park, Cangnan County. There are more than ten printing machines in a single factory building. It is unknown in Longgang, which is known as the printing city of China. Steady feet"? Xia Huangfang showed the reporter the anti-counterfeit labels they printed, most of which were only a few centimeters square. "This small label has a lot of 'articles'." She said. It turns out that a small label uses various technologies such as offset printing, pallet printing, and silk screen printing. In addition, there are many "personalized" technologies: nanoparticles, which can only be seen with a microscope magnified 500 times. Anti-counterfeiting text; sound information, the pre-stored sound information can be sent out with a special sounding pen close to the barcode on the label...

Xia Huangfang said that these technologies can not only prevent counterfeiting, but also make the labeled products full of personality, so they are favored by many foreign merchants. Over the past few years, they have received orders for various product labels such as refrigerator stickers, stationery stickers, and band-aids. When the company was first established in 2009, the annual output value was only a few million yuan. Last year, the company's total output value reached more than 2,000 yuan. It is expected to reach 30 million yuan this year, and the growth rate is almost doubled every year, and 40% of the orders come from foreign trade. Xia Huangfang said that in the past few years of operation, "Haoge" has also attached great importance to cost control. Most of the processes that require a large amount of labor are "outsourced" to the processing of incoming materials in mountainous areas, while the company only focuses on the development of core technologies and Design, the entire factory area has only more than 70 workers, a technical team of more than ten people and a small number of administrative and business personnel.

"Small promotion" enterprises such as "Haoge" have been emerging in Cangnan County in recent years. According to statistics, as of the end of October this year, the county has 61 qualified enterprises, ranking fourth in the city in total. The promotion and development of enterprises is gradually improving the industrial structure of the county and changing the situation of "low, small and scattered".

According to the relevant person in charge of Cangnan County, Cangnan actively responded to the unfavorable macroeconomic situation. According to the actual development of small and micro enterprises, it has successively formulated and issued a series of measures to increase fiscal and taxation support, encourage entrepreneurship and innovation, encourage integration and reorganization, and support growth and expansion. A series of policies and measures, including "Several Opinions on Optimizing the Environment and Promoting the Development of Cangnan's Industrial Real Economy (Trial Implementation)", "Opinions on Supporting the Development of Strategic Emerging Industries", "Classified Management Measures for Industrial Enterprises Above Designated Size in Cangnan County (Trial Implementation)", etc. . Encourage enterprises to implement technological transformation, technological innovation, management innovation, etc. Since last year, a total of 36.94 million yuan of financial reward funds have been cashed in, and 4.5 million yuan of superior subsidy funds have been helped.

In addition, this year, Cangnan County issued the "Several Opinions on Promoting the Transformation and Upgrading of Small and Micro Enterprises to Enterprises Above Designated Size" according to the requirements for small and micro enterprises to improve their actions. Introduce incentive policies and increase publicity efforts to guide the majority of small and micro enterprises to take the initiative to standardize and upgrade. The "Notice on Further Reducing the Burden of Enterprises" was issued, and 14 administrative and service fees related to enterprises, such as bulk cement fees, civil air defense fees, and surveying and mapping fees, were exempted or halved. Indiscriminate fund-raising behaviors reduce the burden on enterprises by more than 60 million yuan each year.