Zhongxu Co., Ltd. joins hands with Wenzhou Haoge Anti-counterfeiting Technology Executive Training Camp

In order to build a high-quality Haoge team and further consolidate the cornerstone of Haoge's growth and rise, on May 16, Zeng Wei, a teacher from Zhongxu Education Group, visited Longgang in person and carried out a serious and lively training for our company's employees. There is theoretical education combined with practical training activities. Mr. Zhang and Mr. Xia of the company took time out of their busy schedules to participate in this event with all the staff. The training camp officially started at 9:00 in the morning at the Louvre of the Marlboro Hotel. The activity consisted of three parts: First, Mr. Zeng Wei gave a lecture on "100% Responsibility", expounding in detail the importance of being result-oriented, with vivid examples , the humorous language deeply emphasizes the importance of responsibility. The market has no assumptions, let alone excuses, and only looks at the results. Therefore, our work guiding ideology must also aim at results. No matter what the process is, we can only use "results" "To prove everything! Next is the team presentation. The employees are randomly divided into four groups, and each group leader is selected, the group name is selected, and the group song is set. The activity of "counting numbers" is mainly carried out, and the team members can be highly concentrated and united. The winner Get rewarded, laggards punished! The game is like this, and the market competition is even better than this! The last item is the overall image display of Haoge,“The "Crossing the Line of Fire" activity pays more attention to showing the cooperation and cooperation spirit of the whole team. Under the careful command and arrangement of the team leader, Mr. Zhang, all employees make suggestions and actively cooperate. For example, the female employees were busy handing water and fanning fans. In less than an hour, the whole "Crossing the Line of Fire" activity ended successfully! In the "Learning Results Tracking Table" published today, everyone spoke their minds, never shied away from responsibility, never gave up, exerted their potential, and strived to contribute more to the company's development and contribute more wisdom !